Adventure Park Ticket

Adventure Park Ticket

$50.00 Adult(15+) $40.00 Youth(7-14 yrs) For ages 7 years and up.

Challenge yourself to a 3 hour tree top adventure traversing over 60 high ropes obstacles such as tight ropes and swinging bridges, and then get the reward of cool breeze in your hair, zipping across from tree to tree on our 20 zip-lines!

Hours Spring & Fall : Saturday and Sunday 8:30, 11:30 & 2:30 start time.

Groups of 4 or more can make weekday bookings.

Summer Hours - Open Every Day. Advanced reservations recommended. 434-392-7275

Save 10% by booking online with code: SAVE10

24 hour re-schedule required. Cancellations incur 20% restocking fee.

All Park participants must be over at least 48 inches tall, weigh more than 40 pounds and weigh less than 260 pounds.